Coming Up This November: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

VL OMNI is always on the move when it comes to getting involved in our community!

Connecting with those that help improve and drive multichannel commerce is an important step in understanding the landscape of retail business for merchants and those who serve the industry alike. Besides staying on top of trends and constant changes in the market, who doesn’t love the opportunity to meet and talk candidly with intelligent and driven professionals?

Luckily for VL OMNI, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is a fabulous place to meet forward-thinking business people and industry specialists who seem to be more than happy to share their thoughts and experiences. Each month, the VL OMNI team hits the road around our hometown of Toronto to take advantage of the best local events. And as we ramp up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we especially love attending these events to hear about how merchants, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs plan to tackle this important holiday. Come out and learn with us!

Here’s where you can find us throughout the month of November.  

Level Up Vol.2 – November 7th

Level up is a networking event focused around ‘gifting’ skills to create meaningful relationships. Held at the Toronto Shopify office, it’s a great meetup to find like-minded business people to help catalyze positive development within your business. Get out there and Level up your network of professionals.

Shopify Hosted Program: The Product Lifecycle – November 8th

This event focuses on e-commerce startup business but has value for anyone looking to advance their e-commerce knowledge. Discuss with other online entrepreneurs on how to properly source, band and sell a product properly in e-commerce.

GTA E-commerce: November Edition – November 13th 

The GTA e-commerce event is a quarterly gathering for industry members to discuss and explore their successes. You’ll be able to gain further insight into the e-commerce industry that’ll help catalyze further growth within your own company. You can learn a bit more about how a business has become successful online and understand further, the action steps to that success. You’ll also have the chance to network with other industry members attempting to make their impression on the e-commerce market.

SalesTO – November 14th

This Event focuses on sales in the tech business. SalesTo will host a series of presentations that give an expert take on sales in the tech industry. Listen to industry leaders discuss their vision for the future of sales in technology. You’ll also have the chance to network with fellow peers and discuss ideas to help you visualize the strategy behind the future of technology sales.

F*ckup Nights – November 15th

Everyone likes to talk about their business successes but few ever talk about their failures. It’s fair to say a lot can be learned from a business mistake: some even say you can learn from a failure than a success. F*upnights focuses on just that, entrepreneurial mistakes that were the building blocks to future success. Come to Shopify Toronto office to listen to 3 presentations from successful entrepreneurs from around Toronto, as they discuss some of their larger business mistakes, giving insight and lessons any driven entrepreneur would love to know.  There is also a networking aspect for those social butterflies out there looking to make connections within the community.

Music Technology Meetup – November 21st

This event is focused on technology within the music industry. Like many other industries, technology is playing a larger and larger role in shaping how the industry operates. Join leading experts in understanding a bit deeper into how technology from Toronto is starting to change and shape the music industry.

Oakville Chamber of Commerce: Business-After-Hours – November 21st

If you’re from the Oakville region, come and join us at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce networking event this month. Meet, network and discuss with other local business leaders that help shape the face of Oakville commerce.

It’s an action-packed month and there is no shortage of learning opportunities.

We can’t wait to be a part of all these events and we invite you all to come to join us on this journey.

We’ll see you all out there!



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