What happened at Shopify Plus ROW DTLA LA Event

There’s nothing more valuable than to learn from those who have been before you.

True for many walks of life, we at VL OMNI have discovered the power of this statement for the omnichannel retail and ecommerce merchant community. Immersed in the industry ourselves as a point-to-multipoint data integration platform, we think of ourselves as extremely privileged to work alongside so many merchants across the globe doing amazing things.

As a data integrator, we connect applications, move data, and help merchants create the customer experience they want across all touchpoints. But we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t exist in a bubble. VL OMNI relies on a network of amazing technology and agency partners to not only be able to what we do (move data in ways brands didn’t think were possible, for one!), but to create a holistic, agile solution for our common merchants from end-to-end.

After all, ecommerce and omnichannel retail is becoming more and more about Community. Merchants, specialists technologies, expert digital-first agencies and more unite under the umbrella of Shopify Plus. Becoming more and more the common thread that draws the best of the best of these groups together, VL has taken the 2018 Shopify Unite central theme to heart for our 2018 invite-only merchant events:

Where People And Ideas Unite

The central focus shaping our most recently held merchant event in Los Angeles, California, USA, this concept absolutely came to life the night of Thursday, October 25th at Shopify’s first-ever bricks-and-mortar location in ROW DTLA — and first-ever partner-held event in the space.

Keep scrolling to read all about what happened in our exclusive closed-door event for scaling merchants, and to watch an exclusive video of some of the evening’s events.

After the raucous success of our UK Roadshow tour earlier this year, VL OMNI knew that we had to bring the same quality event to our US-based customers and partners. Designed with what the knowledge and content merchants are hungry most for in mind, we carried this idea through all the way through to our Los Angeles iteration. After all, it’s not — nor has it ever been — about VL OMNI. It’s about the awesome merchants we’re privileged to help, and the broader community we participate in.

Lucky for VL, we surround ourselves with like-minded partners. (Thankfully, the Shopify Plus Partner Community is chalk-full of partners who put merchants first!) Fellow Plus Partners BVAccel, Oracle Brontoand Dynamic Yield immediately saw the value in bringing together the community of fashion, beauty, apparel and cosmetics brands experiencing rapid growth looking to glean knowledge from those who have been there and already have done that — other merchants. We came together to produce an event that put merchants first in every sense.

The evening saw plenty of networking, with representatives from VL, BVAccel, Oracle Bronto, and Dynamic Yield happy to introduce merchants to merchants while enthusiastically discussing the ins and outs of what makes an ecommerce brand successful over the long-term. Bridging quickly into our planned content for the evening — two panels — the first saw representatives from VL OMNI, BVAccel, Oracle Bronto, and Dynamic Yield taking the stage to field audience questions on trends, technology, and success from positions of experience and expertise in working with the industry. Definitely spurring conversation, the intermission quickly expanded as attendees and participants alike were eager to chat and dig in to concepts discussed on stage.

The second panel was the highlight of the evening for all attendees. Featuring heavy-hitting LA brands Thrive Causemetics, MVMT Watchesand Varley, the audience leaned in even harder to what the panelists had to share. Covering successes, challenges, and a moment of raucous laughter when Thrive Causmetics shared the Instagram keyword that shot their brand into the stratosphere (it clearly wasn’t what everyone was expecting!), the threads of discussion introduced by the panel exploded into full conversation that wound well past our intended end time for the event. Merchants were inspired and fired up to return to their own stores to reinvigorate their own plans and strategies, and Shopify, the gracious hosts and the overarching partner that made the whole evening possible, was more than happy to allow merchants to network until their hearts’ content.

Beautifully chaired by representatives from BVAccel and Shopify Plus, the theme of the night really came to life: no merchant can make it alone, and the community that is Shopify Plus and their partners is a hugely valuable tool. From a top-tier agency, to the technology implemented on the back end, to the way everything is tied together into a unified system, merchants can feel absolutely confident that the brand of Shopify Plus and all those affiliated with it are tried, tested, true, and most importantly provide a set of diverse solutions that work in tandem with the same central driving force: Helping merchants grow.

And if the feedback from the evening was to be any indication, the event was incredibly well-received, and merchants are already hungry for more!

Los Angeles, you’ve been fantastic, and we will be back! 

But for now, VL OMNI is off to our next stop — stay tuned!

Check out some brief clips of the Sponsor and Merchant Panel! 

We’re heading overseas for our next even in just two weeks!

Stay tuned!



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