Empower Your Business Growth With Shopify Plus: Things You Need To Know About Data Integration To Come To The Table Prepared – A VL OMNI Infographic

Finding the right data integration solution for your business can be a challenge.

That’s just one of many reasons as to why VL OMNI produces so much knowledge-first content. We believe that education is one of the core tenants in being able to make an empowered technology decision for your business, and as data integration and multichannel commerce experts, we’re more than happy to provide this thought-leadership time and time again. 

But just like building a house, your ability to sit at the table and advocate for your business’ needs when speaking with Shopify Plus or their partners starts with some core, foundational knowledge — starting with the basics. If your business is heading down the path of adding or upgrading your ecommerce platform, it’s important that you have the answers to the following fundamental Shopify Plus integration questions before you embark on your journey. In order to understand how to fully leverage this powerful platform throughout your organization, savvy businesses know that implementing Shopify Plus is just the start — and that not all data integration and automation solutions and partners are created equal.

Here are some key fundamental questions covered in the infographic below that form a basic but fully-informed understanding of what an integrated and automated future for your business on Shopify Plus:

  • What is data integration?
  • How can data be automated?
  • What’s an API, and what makes a good API?
  • What’s a webhook, and what does it mean to my business?
  • What are some assumptions about data integration I have?

The infographic below takes the time to break down these questions to give you a basic understanding of the questions and underlying concepts above. Empowering your business’ growth includes being your own advocate for your business in understanding the basic principles and components that are necessary to reach your business strategic objectives. Once you have a fundamental understanding of data integration, you can begin to compile a strategic business plan for sitting down with Shopify Plus and setting yourself up for accelerated growth.

Click here or scroll down to download the infographic.





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