Connecting Shopify Plus with inRiver PIM: Automating key PIM data flows with VL OMNI (Diagram)

inRiver PIM to Shopify Plus: What the VL OMNI Connector can do for your business

As stand-alone applications, both inRiver and Shopify Plus represent the top of two distinct but overlapping technology categories.

inRiver, as a PIM (Product information management) system — an emerging technology category in the world of ecommerce and multi-channel commerce — is the leading provider of multi-tenant SaaS-based PIM.

Shopify Plus, an enterprise-level evolution of the well-known core Shopify platform, gives merchants a mutli-channel platform with unmatched scalability.

The common thread between the two? Well, there are a few! Keep reading, below:

First, both Shopify Plus and inRiver serve the same community of scaling upper-SMB/enterprise ecommerce and multi-channel businesses. Both platforms value agility, scalability, and growth at the hearts of their ecosystems. And both platforms allow businesses to leverage business-critical data in ways other platforms can only dream of!

But there’s another common thread between Shopify Plus and inRiver:



We officially launched our VL OMNI inRiver-Shopify Plus Connector in late 2017, and have gone on to create other integrations for the inRiver ecosystem since, as there’s clearly a hunger for high-functioning integrations that ultimately do not impede the growth, strategy, or agility of a business. All this, plus VL OMNI customers using any of our integration connectors have the ability to apply business rules directly to the integration and have data move in batches or real time.

What does this all mean for your business? Perfect data, moved perfectly every time.

What the VL OMNI inRiver-Shopify Plus Connector can do for your business

The VL OMNI inRiver-Shopify Plus Connector enables product integration between Shopify Plus and inRiver Product Marketing Cloud. This Connector, as with all VL OMNI Connectors, is configurable to your unique business rules, including moving data in real-time or in batches. All connectors are elastic, too — meaning as you grow, your integration will grow with you. All VL OMNI Connectors can be configured to be point-to-point (i.e., from inRiver to Shopify Plus, bi-directionally), or point-to-multipoint (where data can be sent from a single source or application to many).


VL OMNI inRiver-Shopify Plus Connector highlights:

  • Product import to Shopify Plus
  • Category import to Shopify Plus
  • Product images to Shopify Plus
  • Multi-store support
  • Includes use of the VL OMNI Customer Dashboard

Take a closer look at the connector from inRiver

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