The Right Questions to Ask When Shopping for Software

VL OMNI’s very own Robin H. Smith was one of the thought leadership experts to take the 2018 PROSPER Show Stage to give a truly insightful presentation on: The Right Questions to Ask When Shopping for Software for Long-Term Profits“. The presentation provided attendees with targeted, actionable strategic insight on how to build a technology stack with strategy at its heart for all stages of eCommerce and omnichannel business growth.

VL OMNI joined the exhibition along with 50+ partners, solution providers, and other experts serving the elite Amazon Sellers market. Co-Founder and resident thought leader Robin H. Smith took to one of PROSPER’s four stages to share tips on how Merchants can maximize technology and partner capabilities before onboarding any solutions as part of their technology stack.

In fact, the feedback post-presentation from attendees was incredible! This was clearly content that rapidly growing retailers were hungry for. 

Questions to Ask When Shopping For Software

Implementing the right ecommerce technology stack is fundamental for ecommerce growth. This presentation covers key questions to ask to make an empowered selection when shopping for software. Whether you are looking for an ecommerce platform, ERP system, CRM, POS, inventory management system — or anything in between, this video will help you make an informed decision.

We have the full high-res recording of this exclusive presentation below!


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