VL OMNI Roadshow – Atlanta Shopify Plus Meetup Visual Recap

Soon after VL embarked on a 5-stop roadshow tour of the United Kingdom for tradeshows, workshops and Shopify Plus Meetups with our UK partners, we had the amazing opportunity to continue our roadshow stateside! Joined by fellow Shopify Plus Partners as a part of an awesome panel session, Klevu, Bronto, LoyaltyLion, Gauge and Nicely Built, and the VL OMNI team headed down South for the inaugural Shopify Plus Meetup in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia!

 This first-of-its-kind event was ideal for both merchants and partners. As a part of the panel, VL spoke at length on eCommerce Automation & Growth for 2018. The outcome for this first of what’s likely to become many Shopify Plus Meetups in Atlanta? It was an evening packed with ecommerce insights, actionable advice, and great networking!

Missed the meetup? Check out our photos and our video recording of the panel Q&A below. 


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