Multi-Vendor Unified Commerce: The Smart Move for your Retail Operation

Multi-Vendor Unified Commerce: The Smart Move for your Retail Operation

Thinking that your retail operation needs a unified commerce solution? Have you looked around at your options? Most of the chatter in the market comes from tech vendors with ‘prepackaged’ bundles of their own products. The pitch sounds good. It seems easy, too. Just buy the whole solution from one vendor. In fact, most emphasize that a singular solution is the ONLY option you have… and of course – theirs is the best one for you. But is it really your best option?

Tailored Unified Commerce

Consider instead a fresh and novel approach that caters to your individual needs, rather than what you are being sold on. With the latest generation of connector microservices that VL OMNI provides, you don’t have to feel trapped anymore. It liberates you from the shackles and confinements of a single vendor, pre-defined solution.

A microservices connector like the VL OMNI Message Layer gives you the opportunity to cherry pick the best-in-class systems that really meet your needs. No need to buy into the vision of an eager technology vendor pitching you about why you cannot live without their entire system, and how they have you covered. A solid message layer lets you, the client, decide that you want. Perhaps it’s a combination of OrderDynamics OMS, BigCommerce ECP, and inRiver PIM, all connected to your existing QSSI WMS and Xero ERP. Or maybe you have another configuration in mind, entirely. With the right message layer, YOU create the seamless unified commerce solution that meets your EXACT needs.

Advantage of Multi-Vendor Unified Commerce

The biggest advantage retailers get from a multi-vendor unified commerce, is knowing that each component in the chain is the best solution in its class. Simply put, single vendor unified commerce (SVUC) solutions don’t give you this option. SVUC systems are an all-or-nothing solution. The problem with this is that the single commerce vendor might have a great POS, a mediocre ecommerce platform, and an embarrassingly light or disastrous OMS system. You end up paying the big bucks for a system that might look pretty, and seems like a clever idea on paper, but then lets you down in the field.

Reducing the Risk with Swap-ability

Multi-vendor Unified Commerce puts control in your hands. If you selected a certain set of technologies for your system, but one of those systems does not meet your standards, swap it out! You haven’t signed a master agreement that binds your retail operation to one single vendor, which could take months of legal fees to escape. You don’t have to go through the extreme pain of replacing your entire infrastructure, either. Just, swap out the system that you have outgrown, and incorporate your new choice into the messaging layer.

Then rest assured that the microservice connectors will provide the unified commerce connectivity you need, while substantially reducing the time it takes to integrate the system into your full solution.

Don’t Make the same Mistake as your Competitors

It is no big revelation that every retailer is like a snowflake: each one is unique in its own way. Brands are unique. Processes are different. Your product offering and approach to the market is not quite like everyone else’s. Frankly, retailers work hard to make sure they are unique and differentiated. Knowing that your retail operation is unique, it is clear that ‘cookie cutter’ solutions for your unified commerce needs simply won’t do.

Don’t feel shackled by the singular vendor pitch. Your retail operation has options that go far beyond using the same-old system and single vendor commerce mistakes that your competitors have made. Multi-vendor unified commerce solutions cater to your actual retail operational needs. A good systems integrator using solid and robust messaging layer technology can help you build a truly robust unified commerce solution. Don’t put up with a mediocre cookie cutter solution, when you can distantly outclass your competitors who made the SVUC mistake.

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