A VL OMNI Video Series: VL Connector Integrations – Shopify Plus, SAP, Amazon, Shipper HQ and inRiver PIM

Here at VL, we do our best to show how our point to multi-point data integrations work in as many ways as possible!

Data integration, especially when it comes to agile and highly sophisticated approaches like VL’s, is hard to get your head around. So we do our best to present how VL OMNI works in a variety of ways, with the aim of hopefully communicating how our Connectors work in a way that works for you! Coming up over the next months, we are producing a series of videos where we will be visually demonstrating how VL can help your business with complex system integrations. These videos are purposely simplified in terms of how VL works — if you want more detailed and technical information, visit our Resources page or reach out to us directly!

The Video Below Shows…

That VL can create real-time, truly 100% integrated systems. In this video, we specifically show integration done between the PIM inRiver, the ERP SAP, the Ecommerce Marketplace Amazon (both Seller and Vendor Central), the Shipping System ShipperHQ, and the Ecommerce Platform Shopify Plus.

Have some or all of this mix of applications?

Not depicted in this video?: How VL OMNI can apply business-specific rules directly to the data transformation, from source application to target application(s), leaving you with perfectly integrated and automated data, every time. This, along with applying strategy to your arrangement of integrations, is just one of the many unique VL OMNI features that keeps your business agile and scalable, and allowing for accelerated growth!

Watch the video below to see a conceptual visualization of VL OMNI’s ability to integrate the platforms Shopify Plus, SAP, Amazon, Shipper HQ and inRiver PIM!


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