VL OMNI Releases inRiver Shopify Plus Connector to Launch Partnership

With the official launch of our new VL OMNI inRiver Shopify Plus Connector,

VL OMNI is thrilled to announce our official partnership with inRiver, the leading provider of multi-tenant SaaS-based product information management (PIM). Listed on the inRiver Marketplace, the VL OMNI inRiver Shopify Plus Connector enables multi-store support for product, category, and product image imports to Shopify Plus. VL OMNI and inRiver customers using the Connector will also have full access to the VL OMNI Dashboard.

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A Fully Scalable, Agile way to Automate inRiver Product Information Data with Shopify Plus

As with all VL OMNI Connectors, the inRiver Shopify Plus Connector boasts true, 100% integration. Unlike other integration solutions, VL OMNI’s Connectors can connect single applications to multiple sources (including EDI), applying business rules to the data transformations. For inRiver and Shopify Plus customers using the VL OMNI Connector, this means product information from inRiver arrives in Shopify Plus with all business-specific formatting, and other unique conditions are already applied.

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Unlimited Integration Possibilities For inRiver PIM Customers

The VL OMNI inRiver Connector opens up further integrations to other applications. With over 300+ Connectors live in VL’s library, and the ability to add almost unlimited applications, inRiver and VL OMNI’s mutual customers have the ability to experience seamless, real-time automated data flow across their entire technology stack.

Unlocking The New Frontier: B2B PIM Integration

VL OMNI’s integrations work by connecting unique applications together by normalizing the data between the applications and applying customer specific business rules to the data transformation. Because VL OMNI Connectors work equally with B2C and B2B businesses, and given the many B2B businesses that use inRiver for their product information management, the VL OMNI inRiver Shopify Plus Connector is well suited for these mutual customers as a distinct competitive advantage in getting ahead of the green-field but burgeoning B2B omnichannel market.

About inRiver:

inRiver Product Marketing Cloud: Simply World-Class PIM

inRiver Product Marketing Cloud is anywhere, anytime access for merchandizing product content to achieve a world-class customer experience across all touchpoints.  inRiver enables product marketing teams to collaborate on supplying, enriching, planning, and publishing rich, engaging, and consistent product stories. Learn more here.

About VL OMNI:

Accelerate growth with VL OMNI. VL provides agile and scalable SaaS data integration to scaling upper SMB and enterprise-level omnichannel business across a number of sectors, including omnichannel retail. Over 200 businesses trust VL OMNI, an agile point to multi-channel integration middleware platform, to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand and accelerate their business. Start your strategic integration plan today.

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