[Infographic] Seven Data Integration Trends & Best Practices for 2017

“Without addressing increasingly complex integration concerns in a strategic manner, cost and complexity will spiral out of control.”

– Gartner

2017 will be the year full system application integration (allowing all data to flow between all applications automatically and in near real-time) will rule. Ecommerce continues to grow at break-neck speeds and is only becoming more complex with native social commerce, multiplying channels, and increasingly savvy consumers. It’s no longer an option for businesses looking to continue to grow to not have a comprehensive data integration strategy. Outsourcing integration and iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) are absolutely essential to better meet the needs of 2017’s rapidly changing market.

Keep scrolling to see our full infographic on the top 7 data integration trends for 2017, and why integrating and automating all your business’ application data is absolutely key to taking your business’ future success.



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